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“Color is everywhere,” artist Matt Crump (@mattcrump), the mind behind #candyminimal, says. “You just have to be aware of it and be ready and willing to drop everything you’re doing to have an impromptu photo shoot.” The former art director based in Austin, Texas, uses his experience from the advertising world to create his whimsical and captivating posts, all in his trademark pastels. “My passion for color started when I was a kid. I loved Van Gogh, Dr. Seuss and Andy Warhol — all of whom used bright, bold colors.” Matt started #candyminimal to coin his signature style, and today community members from all over the globe participate. “It pushes people’s creativity in new directions and lets them express themselves in ways they might not have considered before.” Watch today’s Instagram story to learn how Matt creates stop-motion animations, like this spinning pinwheel. Video by @mattcrump
Jakub Pavlovsky (@bookscalling) started his ongoing photo project Book’s Calling for the love of books. The 23-year-old journalism student from Prague documents the reading breaks he takes all over the city — not to mention the places he visits, like this scenic overlook in Dresden, Germany. “It is really easy to read anywhere and anytime, and there is no excuse to not read.” #WHPbookworm Photo by @bookscalling
For @samsonthedood, a goldendoodle from Brooklyn, New York, reading is best paired with a cup of tea (and always followed by a nap). #WHPbookworm Photo by @samsonthedood
“I always wanted to be a director,” says Mohamed Abdallah (@mrtam13), a 25-year-old filmmaker from Tunisia, whose powerful work won the Fan Favorite Award at the first #TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival (@tiff_net). Fittingly titled “Hope,” the movie follows Emer Guesmi, a 16-year-old B-boy who lost his legs in an accident when he was young. “Emer is a real dreamer,” adds Mohamed. “He is legless but still happy and full of hope for the future.” Video by @mrtam13
Stacks on stacks — @irinahp is right at home on this spiral staircase with a book in hand. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions from #WHPbookworm. #Boomerang of @irinahp by @me_and_mango
More than six months ago, Erin Azouz (@erinazouz) and Mehedi van Hattum (@mehedi.505) left the conveniences of their life in New Mexico to embark on a yearlong journey. They’re bicycling from Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina with as little environmental impact as possible, camping along the way. “Both of us had a strong desire to travel and to do it in Latin America. It sounded like an amazing idea to travel by bicycle to literally the end of the earth,” Erin says. The couple documents their travels in an online journal known as “Let’s Go Cariño” (or, “Let’s Go Sweetie”). “You look back at the map and you’re like, wow, we peddled through Mexico,” says Mehedi. Despite the challenges, the open road and occasional monarch butterflies that gently rest on their bicycles bring moments of reflection. “It felt very much like getting to some kind of core essence of what life is about,” says Erin. “It’s the simplicity of being outside and being vulnerable.” Photo by @erinazouz
Every week, we’re showcasing some of the most creative community hashtags on Instagram. Today we’re highlighting #YogaEveryDamnDay. “When I started practicing yoga at home, I was worried that I would eventually get lazy and lose interest like I’d done with other forms of physical exercise. Using the hashtag #YogaEveryDamnDay reminded me it’s not just ‘yoga whenever you feel like it,’ it’s gotta be ‘yoga every damn day!’” says yoga teacher and writer Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn). “My biggest piece of advice to anyone who wants to #YogaEveryDamnDay is to see the whole world as your yoga mat. Don’t stress out about getting the perfect photo — this shot was taken while I was laughing, talking and balancing all at the same time. It’s about being in the moment and letting it flow.” Photo of @mynameisjessamyn by @photoyography
Calm water = a magic mirror in this serene portrait by Mary Paz (@merypace) from Charco de la Arena, off the coast of Morocco. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @merypace
To capture the full sensory experience of late summer in Russia, Andrey Belavin (@ted.ns) was up before 5 a.m. to look out over this mythical lighthouse along the banks of the Ugra River. “I’d like you to try to feel the smell of fresh bright green grass, the breath of wind, the coolness of morning dew and the warmth of people around,” says Andrey. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @ted.ns
He shoots ... he scores! (Kind of.) Jephthah Leito (@jephthahls) sunk this basket on a day off with friends in Amsterdam. 🏀 That day, he challenged the group to see who could make the best Boomerang, and today, he takes home the prize of #BoomerangOfTheWeek. Follow @boomerangfrominstagram to see more mind-blowing loops from our community. #Boomerang by @jephthahls
Craig Melvin (@craigmelvinnbc) has experienced his fair share of great sports moments. “I was there for Peyton Manning’s last [football] game in February. I was in Cleveland for LeBron James’ first [basketball] game back as a Cavalier,” Craig says. “But I’ve never had a front-row seat at the Olympics. I’m giddy like a kid on Christmas.” The NBC News correspondent is currently in Rio covering the Summer Games for the first time. “I’m trying to take people inside the games and show them things up close they won’t be able to see on TV — devoted athletes who trained their entire lives, fans who’ve traveled from far-flung places and a remarkable city with a compelling story to tell.” Photo by @craigmelvinnbc
When he was a teenager, Tom Saater (@tomsaater) took photos on the streets of Abuja, Nigeria, a location that doubled as his home. “I started asking tourists or anyone I saw with a camera on the street if they would let me take a few pictures and if they would then send me the photos,” Tom says. “I was sleeping close to the post office during this period of my life, so I would ask strangers to please send my copies of the pictures I had taken with their camera to that post office.” Despite the challenges of his situation, Tom managed to build a portfolio, secure a camera — through the kindness of a tourist — and started landing assignments. Now 31 and based in Lagos, he travels the world to document events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (pictured). “Photography is what brought me out of my shell; it was how I was first able to connect with people again. I believe that every human is equal and amazing and I use photography as a way to document and highlight diverse human experiences.” #WorldPhotoDay Photo by @tomsaater
#MyStory is about capturing the extraordinary moments within the ordinary ones, the magic inside of everyday life.” —Australian photojournalist Natalie Grono (@nataliegrono), who turned the lens toward her own 4- and 6-year-old daughters to capture their imaginative world. “I’d always taken photos of children because I just love their nature, and as my daughters got a bit older, I started photographing them. I’m inspired by their world of fantasy and shadows and play and drama. They play so naturally that nothing can ever really be staged, so I’m just kind of following them around in their own little world. “I don’t know if they’ll want me to continue following them around with a camera as they get older, but I haven’t thought too much about that yet. That’s what I love about childhood — children are so good at playing and being in the moment that they’re not worried about what’s going to happen next.” Photo by @nataliegrono
Four years ago, Christine Lucas (@lulafloradesigns) used cereal boxes to make 20 tiny piñatas for her wedding in Mexico. Today, she, her husband and her sister send out about 120 piñatas a week from Montreal. “I really didn’t expect it to be what it’s becoming,” she says. “People are crazy for piñatas, it turns out.” Soon after her nuptials, Christine’s wedding planner got in touch with an order from another bride. In 2014, Christine quit her job, opened her online shop and a business was born. “It means the world to me when a girl gets back in touch and says something like, ‘Oh my god, I’m dying! Can we be best friends?’ That’s how I want them to feel when they get their order,” Christine says. “These are for parties. For your wedding or for your kids’ first birthday. These are exciting moments.” Photo by @lulafloradesigns
For Australian cyclist Caroline Buchanan (@cbuchanan68), competing at the Rio Olympics is an opportunity to show her national pride. “It’s really special for me to have the opportunity to race on the biggest sporting stage with the Aussie green and gold colors on my back,” the world champion says. Caroline has been BMX racing since she was just 5 years old — winning titles comes from a mindset she developed to rise to the top. “To be a true champion in every essence of the word, I have learned that I need to have a combination of physical power, skill and mental strength to cross the line in first place,” she says. “I try to bring out my inner personal power to thrive under pressure. Every training session I strive to perfect this combination.” Photo by @cbuchanan68