In Kentucky, a glowing trail of 5,000 carved pumpkins transports visitors to a Halloween wonderland: the Louisville Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. “It’s not spooky, but it is magic,” says Kara Renee Bubenchik (@__karadise__), a local artist who has been carving intricate pumpkins for the event the past four years. “You’ve got beautiful artwork on these 80- or 90-pound [36- or 41-kilogram] pumpkins that are surrounded by thousands of different types of jack-o’-lanterns. You can’t walk through this trail and not feel in complete awe.” While the celebration only lasts about three weeks, in Kara’s house, the anticipation starts to build at the first signs of fall: “My 7-year-old daughter usually starts asking me right around September, ‘When does Pumpkin Land start? When does Pumpkin Land start?’” Photo by @__karadise__
Tasneem Alsultan (@tasneemalsultan) has her #EyesOn the people of Nepal — and a new respect for their resilience after the devastating earthquake that struck in 2015. “I see hardship,” the photojournalist from Saudi Arabia says. “They’ve had years of struggle — from war, poverty and even natural disaster — but there’s a sense of pride and humbleness.” As an exhibiting photographer at Photo Kathmandu (@photoktm), Tasneem brings images of Saudi marriage traditions to Nepal’s only international photo festival where images are installed in public spaces of the city’s winding streets. Just as her photos confront misconceptions about Saudi women, Tasneem marvels at the unexpected in Nepal: women toiling on construction sites in Kathmandu alongside their children. “My project here, amazingly, has made Nepali visitors realize that we’re similar.” For more scenes of Photo Kathmandu, check out Tasneem’s Instagram story. Photo by @tasneemalsultan
“I’m not trying to duplicate nature. I’m trying to interpret it and capture the variety and the essence of it,” says artist Ann Wood, a creative partner for Woodlucker (@woodlucker) — a business she runs with her husband in Minneapolis. Ann has spent the last year creating three-dimensional paper art of flowers, feathers, butterflies and leaves. “I would call it drawing with scissors,” she explains. “I came to nature as a subject because I think it’s really universal. We all pause to pick up a feather, collect leaves, plant gardens. And nature is temporary. Its magnificence is fleeting, and I’m trying to speak to that notion.” Photo by @woodlucker
In their submission to #WHPinthestudio, Daniel Rueda (@drcuerda) and collaborator Anna (@anniset) decided it was time to show that inspiration and fun can be found anywhere. “It’s a form of street painting, using your body. They just went outside and went for it!” says #WHPinthestudio guest curator Helen Downie (@unskilledworker) of this human clock from Valencia, Spain. Photo by @drcuerda
A portrait with big personality extends into real life in this #WHPinthestudio submission from Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Meritxell Soler (@mevisualartist). “It’s playful and fun; I like the expression on her face and the way the hair matches the door,” says guest curator Helen Downie (@unskilledworker). “She’s chosen very well where to make this come to life.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions this week. Photo by @mevisualartist
A touch of magic in this #WHPinthestudio submission captivated guest curator Helen Downie (@unskilledworker). “She understands that behind an interesting piece of artwork is the mystery of how it’s done,” Helen says of Ruth Meharg’s (@ruthmeharg) abracadabra moment. “I love that you see some of the tools that she used, but she’s not showing you how it’s done.” The goal of #WHPinthestudio was to capture the places people go to be creative. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions from this weekend. Video by @ruthmeharg
Trees ablaze, pointy hats and black cats — it’s the season of the witch, and Courtney Brooke Hall (@light_witch) could not be happier. “I’ve always dabbled in Wicca. I believe there’s something to be found when you tune into nature,” says the New England photographer and artist. “October is just this wonderful dance of decay, and Halloween is the moment when the sun is no longer ruling over the sky. You know you get to have a season of hibernating and a time to reflect coming up.” Courtney lives in a horse barn in the “middle of nowhere,” the perfect backdrop for her eerie, otherworldly compositions that often feature Courtney herself wearing sweeping capes as she slips into the forest. Photo by @light_witch
Every year, hundreds of doggies (and their humans) rocking clever and elaborate costumes gather in NYC’s Alphabet City neighborhood for the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. We’re on the ground to share some of the best get-ups — and sweetest pooches — from the event that’s celebrating its 26th year! Tap our profile pic to watch now. 🐶❤️🎃
At the water’s edge, a cat strikes the pose of a tiger stalking prey, only to find its own bright reflection looking back. Keisuke (@kei_tachibana1114) captured this moment in Aoshima Island, Japan, one of the country’s “cat islands.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @kei_tachibana1114
Wait a minute ... who’s pushing the swings in our #BoomerangOfTheWeek? 👻 As Josh Bailey (@ghostforestco) explored the winding trails and fall colors of a local park, he paused by this swingset. “I’m drawn towards motion, so I naturally look for that when I’m out and about,” the filmmaker from Portland, Oregon, said. Follow @boomerangfrominstagram to see more mind-blowing loops from our community. #Boomerang by @ghostforestco
Baker Olivia Bogacki (@livforcake) turns to cozy, seasonal desserts every time Halloween rolls around. “I love pumpkins, cinnamon, nutmeg — all of these flavors say fall to me,” says Olivia, who is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Olivia was introduced to cake decorating in 2009 when she took a class at a local crafts store, and in 2014, she decided to continue her education by going to pastry school. “Cakes, for sure, are my favorite thing to do,” she says. “The most challenging part is that baking tends to be very precise, and I often have a vision of what I want the final product to look like. Most of the time it doesn’t get there and I want to redo it.” Her favorite part? When the cakes do live up to her standards, or even exceed them. Olivia will be celebrating this Halloween with horror movies, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and digging into a slice or two, of course, of cake. Photo by @livforcake
The first time actress and singer Victoria Justice (@victoriajustice) saw “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” she was 11 years old. Flash forward (or do the time warp) 12 years, and Victoria is starring in the new version of the 1970s American cult classic, airing tonight on FOX. “I dreamed of getting the role of Janet in Rocky Horror and it happened,” says Victoria. The song “Don’t Dream It, Be It” was Victoria’s favorite scene to shoot: “It’s visually beautiful and we’re all in the water, moving really gracefully.” What’s up next for Victoria is still in the works. “I’m curious to see what project makes me feel really excited that I’ll want to be a part of it,” she says. Watch our Instagram story to follow along with Victoria as she gets ready and heads to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” premiere with the rest of the cast. Photo of @victoriajustice by @hollyjophoto
You nearly smell the earth and woods in Francine de Mattos’ (@fotografeumaideia) photos. A resident of Salete, a small town of 7,000 people in Santa Catarina, Brazil, she shares snapshots of the region’s scenery. “When I am not taking pictures for work, I go for a ride on my motorcycle. On these trips, I rediscover the place where I live,” the 25-year-old photographer says. “I love to hear a good story from someone who has lived for a long time.” Francine fell for photography 10 years ago while still in high school. “My motivation is nostalgia. I lost my maternal grandmother before I got a camera, and so I do not have a picture of her that I took. It is this absence that makes me want to photograph everything and everyone.” Check out @instagrambrasil to discover more stories from the region. Photo by @fotografeumaideia
Today, singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter (@sabrinacarpenter) is taking us around Nashville, Tennessee — the first stop of a 37-show sold-out tour for her album EVOLution. Tap our profile pic to watch our Instagram story and hang with Sabrina as she explores the city for the first time and gets ready for her big night.
“We were exploring some of the galleries at the Sharjah Art Foundation in United Arab Emirates, and at the same time looking for spots to take group photos,” says Mark Anthony Hebres (@est0y) of his #WHPfreetime submission, which captures his favorite pastime — hanging with friends. Photo by @est0y