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#WhenPeopleMatchPlaces highlights “the sweet spot where the personal and the public intersect,” explains Deepa Paul (@currystrumpet). Deepa, who lives in Amsterdam, looks for street art wherever she goes. On a recent trip to Barcelona she spotted a geometric mural, and when she posed for a photo, she realized she was wearing a matching black-and-white striped dress! Deepa’s tip for capturing similar moments: stay sharp, stay curious and don’t force it. “It can be such a delight to find a piece of our innermost selves echoed by our surroundings,” she says. “It makes me feel a little bit more at home in the world.” Photo by @currystrumpet
Ah, clouds for days: There’s space to daydream in the crisp blues and puffy whites of this street capture from Esfahan, Iran, by Kiarang Alaei (@kiarang_alaei). “What you see in this photo is the galvanized wall of a construction site used for different purposes in the streets: covering masonry jobs and beautifying the environment,” says Kiarang, who teaches photography to university students. “I think that photography is a living organism because there is purposeful connection in all its parts.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @kiarang_alaei
Jaka Valant (@jakavalant) takes a dip in Slovenia’s Lake Bled in our #BoomerangOfTheWeek. “Come visit us and film your own dive,” he offers. Looking at that view, we might just take him up on it. #Boomerang by @jakavalant
Here’s an event worth adding to your bucket list: the Kyushu Fireworks Festival at Karatsu Castle in Japan. In this photo, Hitomi Iwanaga (@puraten10) captured how a neon pink crescendo resembles a weeping cherry tree. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @puraten10
“Fuji Rock is like a summer vacation. I was so thrilled to see this place, where I’ve been before many times, in a completely empty state. It was like a dreamland,” says Kenta (@kenta_soyoung), a Tokyo resident and regular attendee of the annual rock festival, which is held at the Naeba Ski Resort in Japan. Kenta had the rare opportunity to photograph this year’s event before the crowds moved in. “I took my time composing my images, which is only possible when there are no people. I tried to capture scenes that can only be taken in such an empty environment.” #emptyFujiRock #Boomerang by @kenta_soyoung
#RunwayForAll is a reflection of the real world,” says Tschan Andrews (@4tschan), a model from London. “I am not just a black transgender woman. I am my experiences, the knowledge I have accumulated and the talent I have to offer.” Today, Tschan has job offers she would never have dreamed of as recently as two years ago, but she still believes there’s a long way to go for acceptance of transgendered people. “A high point for me is yet to come, but I have seen a way of thinking being changed before my very eyes,” she says. “If I won Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, I would die – I have an acceptance speech ready and everything!” Photo by @4tschan
“I have always been fascinated by American politics,” says photographer Malin Fezehai (@malinfezehai). “There’s nothing like this in Sweden where I grew up.” Throughout the four-day Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio — which named Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) as the Republican Party presidential nominee — Malin photographed attendees from across the floor, including speakers, delegates and celebrity supporters. “I travel around the world, photographing all kinds of people, and I always try to understand where they are coming from,” Malin says. “Whether I am photographing refugees, celebrities or politicians, I try to photograph them with dignity and respect.” Photos by @malinfezehai
#MyStory is about strong females in a male-dominated environment — proving that we are just as good as them, believing in ourselves and keeping a positive attitude towards life.” —international airline pilot Maria Pettersson (@pilotmaria) “I never thought becoming a pilot was an option for me, because of the high costs and the fact that most pilots were men. I worked hard to save for flight training and studied even harder. The toughest challenge has been to get that first flying job. There were many unemployed pilots fighting for the same job. It took me years. I’m very lucky to be where I am today, flying a young fleet of Boeing 737s around Europe. “With my selfies I try to catch the moment and the mood I am in. The smiles you see are real and represent the feeling I am having right there. My best advice for taking a top-notch selfie would be: dare to be silly, embarrass yourself and smile — smile with the whole world.” Photo by @pilotmaria
“We’ve re-created the dog emoji using different edible items,” says Hannah Darvas, who submitted this photo to our weekend hashtag project, #WHPrealemojis. Hannah and her business partner, Heather Adamson, are the creative souls behind @fresheather. “Heather has been creating emoji art for years and the dog has been highly requested,” says Hannah. “Food photography and video is our forte, but we’re also pretty savvy when it comes to playing with our food.” #🐶 Photo by @fresheather
“The inspiration for this photo — and all photos of my children — is to preserve a small bit of their childhood that they can always keep,” says Nan (@lifeonshook), whose image of her son feeding seagulls was submitted to our weekend hashtag project, #WHPrealemojis. The photo, which was taken on the Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry in Texas, is a mix of emojis. “The end of the ferry with the black and yellow stripes immediately reminded me of the construction sign emoji, and I realized by including the sky I could capture the bird and cloud emojis, too.” 🚧🐦☁️ Photo by @lifeonshook
For over a decade, filmmaker and pro surfer Cyrus Sutton (@cyrus_sutton) lived in the back of his custom-assembled van. “I built it out with all the amenities of a house — save a toilet,” says Cyrus, who’s originally from Southern California. He’s been spending more time at his new homestead outside of Portland, Oregon, but the years he spent waking up where he parked, never far from a beautiful landscape, have changed his life and informed his perspective. “It’s a lifestyle that has made me consume less, spend more time outdoors and develop a more rigorous work ethic by removing distractions and stripping me of any false senses of security,” he says. Photo by @cyrus_sutton
❤️+😸=😻 A simple, impressive equation from @iam54 for #WHPrealemojis. Photo by @iam54
Olé! Spanish teacher Irina (@irinahp) took to her rooftop to bring the💃🏻emoji to life — with a little help from husband @me_and_mango, who was promised dinner in return. “Otherwise, he won’t leave his desk 😜,” she says. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions from #WHPrealemojis. #Boomerang of @irinahp by @me_and_mango
Photographer and videographer Madeline Jorden (@madelinejorden) wakes up at 5 a.m., but you won’t hear her grumbling. “It’s a time of day that we all appreciate being able to be up and active and present for,” says Madeline, who lives and works at Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado. “Catching horses is just part of the morning routine — but it’s elevated to something epic by the natural quality of the light.” Follow along each week as we share our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @madelinejorden
“Street photography gives you the possibility to do something different every day,” says Barcelona, Spain, native Enric Ramirez (@misterzapop). We selected this fleeting moment from #TheWeekOnInstagram for giving us a peek at how a local views his city. Photo by @misterzapop