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Earl Grey tea, crystalized violet, passion fruit, ginger — there’s no limit to what confectionary wizard Oonagh Simms (@themarshmallowist) whips into her gourmet marshmallows. “With marshmallows you can be as experimental as you want to be,” says Oonagh, who trained as a patisserie and chocolatier in Paris before opening her own marshmallow stall on Portobello Road in London. She only uses fresh fruits, organic herbs and boutique alcohols: “We deliberately make them a little bit larger, there are four to five bites per marshmallow, so that the flavor profiles come out quite differently in each bite.” The key to growing her business has been collaborating with fellow local merchants — like @gfsmithpapers, the artisan papersmiths behind her packaging. “It’s quite tricky to make a cube look interesting bunches and bunches of times! But we’re always taking new pictures and it’s the best way to connect with the fans of the Marshmallowist.” Photo by @themarshmallowist
Pierre Terdjman (@pierreterdjman) has his #EyesOn the streets of the world. “It’s so nice to capture these spontaneous moments,” says the French photographer and co-founder of Dysturb (@dysturb), a photojournalism project that looks to paste large-format pictures on city walls. Inspired by the photos of the Vietnam War, Pierre has also spent time chronicling post-electoral violence in Kenya, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The biggest lesson he’s learned abroad? Humility. “I have a lot of respect for all the people and the tragedies they go through and how they handle it. I’m not sure Europe could handle all that with such dignity and courage.” Photo by @pierreterdjman
World, meet Lal. He’s Samuel Jurcic’s (@lookoflal) trusted canine companion and muse. Through the magic of Instagram Stories’ drawing tools, Samuel turned this handsome pooch into a space cadet for last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPdrawit. Video by @lookoflal
Samuel Harrison (@samuelharrisonart) loves the theatrical nature of fashion. “For me it’s all a way of expressing something or capturing an essence, an attitude,” the 21-year-old fashion illustrator, who lives in London, says. “I particularly like capturing shape and weight in an illustration through shading.” His most important piece of advice: “Take your time and be patient when creating a gradient.” Samuel regularly shares his process and treats it as an opportunity for growth. “I often look back at my own process videos or photos and think that I should have done things differently. But that’s fine, it’s just a learning experience for your next piece.” This post is part of our new series #FashionIllustrated, stories of artists from around the world who are using their imaginations to bring style to life. Video by @samuelharrisonart
Hello world! Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Moo is the pup going bananas for the hose, while Penny (left) and Vinny (right) wait for the right moment to join in. Along with their other rescued and foster brothers and sisters — including @roofusandkilo — this crew of canines kicks it on a farm in the Pacific Northwest. Follow @roofusandkilo to ensure your feed keeps the happy doggie antics fresh. Video by @roofusandkilo
Sea Monster! We owe this sighting in Boston’s Charles River to Eric Latimer (@epekho). Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project #WHPdrawit. Photo illustration by @epekho
“Time is a precious thing. Never waste it.” RIP #GeneWilder Video by @theartistshag
Tonight, the @mtv Video Music Awards are happening in New York City. Beyoncé is there. Plus Kanye and Rihanna and... Come to think of it, most of the music world will be in attendance. So sit back, relax and check out our Instagram story, where we’ll be going behind the scenes to capture the night’s fun and crazy moments (because you know they’re coming). #VMAs
Ley Uwera (@leyuwera1) was on a motorcycle when she snapped this photo of a two-wheeled wedding procession in Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo. “In Congo, each province or city celebrates marriage to the standards of its culture,” says the photographer from Goma, who shares vibrant moments from her native country. “The images speak for themselves even for those who have never visited the Congo.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @leyuwera1
Every week, we’re showcasing some of the most creative community hashtags on Instagram. Today we’re highlighting #PlantsOnPink. “I like the hashtag because it is a meditation on color,” explains painter Stella Maria Baer (@stellamariabaer). “I spend a lot of time thinking about the colors of the desert in the Southwest where I grew up. Adobe walls often show up in the #PlantsOnPink photographs, some from my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.” The cactus gardens of Arizona and California are the perfect place to snap a photo and contribute to the hashtag, but for those who can’t travel so far, Stella assures us: any pink wall will do. Photo by @stellamariabaer
Our #BoomerangOfTheWeek = a quick break from swimming and playing at Nipah Beach in Lombok, Indonesia. Ijang Syamsuri (@ijangsyamsuri) set up his camera to take this brave and sandy selfieboom. 🌴 😎 Follow @boomerangfrominstagram to see more mind-blowing loops from our community. #Boomerang by @ijangsyamsuri
Parque das Nações Indígenas, in Campo Grande, Brazil, was taken over by a sea of red waves (and curls) this week. When Murilo Lorentz (@loucolorentz) learned about the local redhead gathering, he knew he wanted to capture the special occasion. “I just wanted to convey all this beauty in various shades.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @loucolorentz
What better way to celebrate #NationalDogDay than to focus on furry friends that need a family? Emma Scott and her longtime friend Sally Roney have rescued and found homes for more than 200 dogs through their nonprofit, the Northwest Dog Project (@nwdogproject), a doggie oasis located outside Eugene, Oregon, that is celebrating its two-year anniversary this month. “We still have the dogs that we got when we were 18; Kyle is my old guy’s name and Gracie is Sally’s girl’s name,” says Emma. “They have taught us so much over the years and were truly our inspiration; we wanted to help give dogs that need a chance the same opportunity at life we were able to give Kyle and Gracie.” Some days can be tough, but Emma says they wouldn’t have it any other way: “It’s the kind of work that you really dump your heart and soul into.” By expanding their reach on Instagram, the pair have placed many pups in forever homes and received support and donations from all over the world.“Sometimes we’ll even get donations from places like New Zealand and other far-away countries,” Emma says. “If it wasn’t for Instagram, we would have no way of connecting with these people.” To learn more about @nwdogproject and the amazing dogs they rescue, check out our Instagram story. Photo by Jamie Opra for @nwdogproject
What’s life like for a young joey at the Kangaroo Sanctuary (@thekangaroosanctuary)? “You’ve got to imitate mom’s pouch. For a little orphaned kangaroo, we put him in a pillowcase, and we carry him around by holding him to our stomachs, so he can feel our breathing and the warmth of our bodies,” says Christopher “Brolga” Barns, who spent a decade as a zookeeper before establishing 200 acres (81 hectares) of bushland in Alice Springs for raising and rehabilitating kangaroos, earning himself the nickname Kangaroo Dundee. “It’s a very common animal in Australia, and we take it for granted. So I wanted to set up a place that celebrates the animal.” Brolga leads tours of the sanctuary — which many visitors are surprised to learn don’t begin until sunset. “A lot of people are unaware that they’re actually a nocturnal animal,” he explains. Despite his love for raising ‘roos, Brolga’s overarching mission is to promote a natural coexistence. “It is really a lifelong dream to be able to have wild animals in your care, and to watch them grow up; and then one day, if everything goes well, watch them run off into the sunset and live a wild life.” Video by @thekangaroosanctuary
To celebrate the Centennial of the US National Park Service, photographer Chris Burkhard (@chrisburkard) is exploring Montana’s Glacier National Park (@glaciernps) and taking us along on his breathtaking adventure. Watch our Instagram story to follow Chris as he takes in the tall peaks, clear waters and hidden treasures that make Glacier National Park magical. 🌲✨ #FindYourPark Photo by @chrisburkard