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Franck Pellegrino (@franckpellegrino) is an illustrator and tattoo artist. “I need to experiment and renew myself every day. My style is very much influenced by typefaces and illustrations from the 1930s, which I adapt to my contemporary world,” says Franck, who is drawn to the art nouveau and art deco movements. Whether he’s in the street, in a gallery or working at the Bleu Noir tattoo parlor in Paris, Franck follows the same creative process, and his creations are known for their delicate lines, intricate contrasts and urban poetry. “I pay attention to details,” he says. “Because I work with fine lines, it lets me express a certain realism in my work.” To discover more stories from the French-speaking community, follow @instagramfr. Photo by @franckpellegrino
"Today we’re looking back on 2016 with our Year in Review. My favorite part of this year’s reflection is this list of the 10 most popular emojis, which are all positive and celebratory — sentiments that I hope only grow in 2017 as we continue to focus on being the safest and most welcoming place for self-expression." (Check out the full list below.) —Kevin Systrom (@kevin), Instagram co-founder and CEO 10. 💙 9. 🎉 8. ✌️ 7. 👌 6. 😊 5. 💕 4. 😘 3. 😂 2. 😍 1. ♥️
A make-believe battle is memorialized in videographer Jon Nyquist’s (@thenyquist) submission to #WHPmagic. “If you find yourself bored in a hotel room like I did one day, have some fun,” says Jon. “Just don’t break anything.” Photo by @thenyquist
At just 18 years old, Val Weisler (@valiswiser) has brought together 6,000 teenagers from 105 countries to overcome challenges. “In my freshman year of high school, I was very shy and got bullied badly. People would put notes in my locker telling me to leave school, and would start rumors that I was mute. I thought, ‘They’re telling me that I’m not worth it, and maybe they’re right,’” recalls Val. “Getting out of bed became my biggest struggle. One day I saw another kid getting bullied at school. I walked up to him, and said, ‘You matter.’ He started to cry. He had nearly given up hope, but I had validated him.” That night Val built her site, The Validation Project, and the letters from around the world started pouring in. Today, teens share their skills and struggles, and Val’s program partners them with mentors that include software engineers, former professional football players and leaders of social justice projects. “It’s all about that two-part validation,” explains Val, who was handpicked as an ambassador for the US State Department in order to further her mission. “First, showing my generation that we’ve got worth, and then teaching them how to use that worth to help others.” Today, we’re joining Val by rolling out new tools to maintain the positivity and safety of our community. We are committed to keeping Instagram a welcoming place for self-expression. #Boomerang by @valiswiser
A leap in front of a candy-colored mural in Los Angeles leads to an unexpected twist. How many pairs of socks do you count in this #WHPmagic submission by @ari_fararooy? Video by @ari_fararooy
In Istanbul, Asli (@insearchofwonders) took her love of baking to new heights when she conjured this enchanted reaction to a bite of cake. 🍰✨ The goal of #WHPmagic was to bring magic to everyday life with surreal and imaginative photos and videos. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions. Photo by @insearchofwonders
Hello, world! Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff, Alfie and Biscuit (@alfie.and.biscuit). These two mini lop twin bunnies live in London and love their treats. Follow @alfie.and.biscuit for more happy — and hoppy — moments in your feed. 🐰 🐰
A trip to a tree farm in Oregon City led to this funny optical illusion captured by photographer Thomas Boyd (@thomasrboyddotcom). “Simply put, it looks like a tree grew legs and is trying to escape the tree farm,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @thomasrboyddotcom
Surrounded by giant concrete tetrapods, a golden retriever partakes in the simple joy of digging a hole at a beach in Japan. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @slo_mo_life
Tap our profile pic to watch our Instagram story and see what a day is like for singer and songwriter John Legend (@johnlegend). He’s currently on the move promoting his new album “Darkness and Light.” Photo by @bumper3077
“A lot of women my age lose interest in how they look and how they feel, health-wise,” says Suzi Grant (@alternativeageing). She was nearly one of them. Before retiring seven years ago, she was “a chain smoking, hard drinking” TV and radio reporter. Then her mom’s death from a heart attack put life in perspective. Now Suzi feels better than ever: “I cannot believe I am three years off 70. I don’t feel it — and I hope I don’t look it.” Based in Brighton, England, she has written three books on healthy living while embracing technology: “I had to learn how to blog, how to take great photos and how to edit videos. I love it. I have found my passion. The thing that makes me #PerfectlyMe is that I am growing into old age positively, naturally and certainly not invisibly.” Who or what inspires you to feel #PerfectlyMe? Use the hashtag to share your story. Photo by @alternativeageing
Filmmaker and photographer Gabrielle Menezes (@the_instants) followed Wandjo Kone (pictured), a community health worker in Ivory Coast, as she trudged through a village, visiting pregnant women and girls with HIV. “I think the girls in those situations really need a friend and someone supportive and someone who can explain all of these things to them — to make them feel like they’re a little bit in control of their lives and the health of the baby,” says Gabrielle, who grew up in Zimbabwe and now lives in London. “Wandjo is so good at doing that.” For years, Gabrielle worked as a journalist but is now fascinated by new ways of storytelling. “When I take Polaroids, I no longer have my journalistic hat on. They’re not meant to be documentary images for me,” she says. “They’re meant to be very personal images. They’re meant to be something that really moves people, and not necessarily objectively.” #WorldAIDSDay Photo by @the_instants
Nyimas Laula Li An’Amie (@nyimaslaula) has her #EyesOn a world under the sea. Growing up in Indonesia, an archipelago nation of over 17,000 islands, the 24-year-old photographer spent weekends on the beach with family but had little idea what existed beneath the surface. That all changed when she took up free diving, descending deep into the water, without oxygen tanks. “Being underwater is like being where life starts from,” she says. “Free diving keeps me humble and reminds me that I’m just a tiny human in the big ocean.” Now, exploring her country above and below the water, Nyimas is confronted by scenes that disturb — like swampy fields of plastic waste, skies lost in industrial haze — and those that induce awe, like a pod of melon-headed whales in clear, blue water. “I swam side by side like I was one of them,” says Nyimas of her whale sighting. “Watched them play, heard them sing. They reminded me that on this planet, we’re not the only ones who try to survive. They gave me hope — to keep fighting to save our planet.” Photo by @nyimaslaula
“I tried to think outside the box with this WHP,” says 25-year-old student Karen Cantú (@karencantuq) from Mexico on her creative submission to #WHPthisishome. “Our world is our home, and nature is a big part of it — plants, animals. I wanted to show an ideal ‘home’ where we live among nature and respect it.” Photo illustration by @karencantuq
Graphic designer and Don Fisher (@don_fisher) founder Julia Castaño is responsible for the sea creatures that jump out of the ocean and transform into backpacks, card holders and pouches. Julia, who lives in Barcelona, Spain, dreams up goods influenced from a wide array of sources: Scandinavian design, the Mediterranean Sea and the double meaning of the Spanish word “bonito,” which refers to a family of fish but also means pretty. “Everything is focused on the sea,” says Lorena Fernández, who works with Julia. “If we’re going to set up a fish market, we’ll put on aprons. Julia’s guy acts as Don Fisher, the role of the captain. We’re the crew.” ⚓️🐠 To discover more voices from the Spanish-speaking community, follow @instagrames. Photo by @don_fisher