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“I feel like I’ve packed a few years of great experiences into just a handful of months on a bike,” says 29-year-old photographer Tyler Metcalfe (@tylermetcalfe), who recently completed a 4,290-mile (6,904-kilometer) cross-country bike trip across America, documenting the ups and downs along the way. “Thirty-five days into my trip I was hit by a car and suffered torn muscles and broken bones. The recovery was tough, as my greatest form of freedom had just been taken away from me,” he says. After taking time to recuperate in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tyler pushed on. “Reaching the West Coast was a mix of emotions,” he says. “I felt both accomplishment and a bit of disappointment that the journey was ending.” But the ride isn’t over. “I’m thinking about turning south towards Central America, and possibly making it all the way to Patagonia. The best part of the adventure lies in the unknown.” To see more of Tyler’s experience biking across America, watch our Instagram story. Video by @tylermetcalfe
“Just another spontaneous capture of my pup, Momo, reminding me to pause and appreciate the simplest things,” says Cin (@mobibear), Momo’s owner, who submitted this image of her dog soaking up the sun for last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPlightplay. Photo by @mobibear
Hello, world! Meet today’s #WeeklyFluff. Kerimcan (@catkerimcan) is a calico cat who loves lounging on laps and sticking out a very long 👅. This kitty was abandoned at a shelter after a shoulder dislocation, but more than two years after being adopted, Kerimcan can now run, jump and pounce like any other frisky feline. Keep your feed cat-powered by following @catkerimcan.
A single beam straight to the ❤️— Héctor (@hectorlovall) found the light in Spain, leading to this #WHPlightplay submission. Photo by @hectorlovall
Aizhar Alih (@aizharalih) captured the essence of #WHPlightplay by elevating a triangle of light into a sidewalk encounter. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions this week. Photo by @aizharalih
This blissful water-prancing pup was spotted by Eugeni Simó Queralt (@ultraheroi) at the end of a fun-filled day in Catalonia. “When I saw the happiness of the dog in the water, I caught that amazing and funny moment,” he says. “Platja del Trabucador and Terres de l’Ebre are places that I recommend visiting, because they are magical.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @ultraheroi
A lush red lake and a patterned shirt to match — Majid Saeedi (@majidsaeedi) captured this moment shared by a mother and her daughter at Lake Urmia, a salty lake located in Iran. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @majidsaeedi
For Kaia Gerber (@kaiagerber) and Presley Gerber (@presleygerber) — siblings whose mother is legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford (@cindycrawford) — modeling is on a very short list of things they have in common. “We are so not similar,” says Presley, who is 17. Well, there might be one more thing they share. “We have similar senses of humor,” says Kaia, who is 15. “But we are different because he is more laid back whereas I’m more of a go-getter.” To see more from Teen Vogue’s (@teenvogue) Young Hollywood Party on Friday night, watch our Instagram story. #tvyounghollywood #Boomerang by @kaiagerber
Born to a single mom and raised by his grandmother, Christian Rodríguez’s (@christian_foto) world and work has always centered around women. “My mother had me when she was 17 years old, one of my sisters was a mother at the age of 16 — this reality has always been close to my life,” says Christian, a Uruguayan photographer and one of the recipients of this year’s Getty Images Instagram Grant. His work documenting teenage mothers in Latin America will be shown at Photoville (@photovillenyc), taking place in Brooklyn September 21-25. “I want to show an everyday, contemporary vision of women. The visibility of this issue and the implementation of medium- and long-term measures are essential to generate a change. More work is needed on the empowerment of girls.” Photo by @christian_foto
Aaron Caddel has had a love affair with carbs for as long as he can remember. Two years ago, he opened the first Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (@mrholmesbakehouse), a pastry palace filled with out-of-the-box treats like strawberry- and jasmine tea-filled doughnuts and white chocolate matcha cruffins (a croissant and muffin hybrid). Aaron and his team have dreamed up so many drool-worthy recipes that their store in San Francisco experienced an unusual robbery: “When we got there, they had left the cash drawer, equipment — even our iPad was safe. The only thing that was missing was our recipe book. That night we knew we were seriously on to something.” As customers enjoy sweet treats in one of the four stores — there are locations in California and South Korea — many take photos featuring the neon signs, gold foil peace signs and tiled floors that make the space stand out. This is exactly what Aaron had hoped for: “It is amazing how close and connected you can feel to a person through a collage of their lives. We wanted our brand to be a part of that culture.” This feature is part of #MadeToCreate, a new series highlighting our community of entrepreneurs, makers and artisans on Instagram. Photo of @mrholmesbakehouse by @junissahardianto
TV producer and writer Shonda Rhimes (@shondarhimes) has been writing stories since before she could spell. “I used to dictate stories into a tape recorder and try to get my mom to type them up,” says the woman behind hits like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” “I don’t remember, but I’m betting that even at 3, I felt proud.” Today, Shonda’s shows are known for plot twists and sharp dialogue, but there’s no magic formula; she instinctively knows when an episode is complete. “It’s like a good lasagna — you know when it’s done because when you open the oven and look at it, everything about it looks right.” To go on set and behind the scenes with Shonda, tap our profile pic and check out our Instagram story. Photo by @shondarhimes
In the age of 14 million pixels, Jean-Jacques Calbayrac (@gameboycameraman) requires 128. Jean-Jacques, a photographer and gamer, roams the streets of London with his Game Boy Camera, a cartridge that attaches to the classic Nintendo game. “It was released in 1998, and it’s just a very, very cheap camera. You lose every single detail, and today we are more attached to the details than to anything else,” says Jean-Jacques, who is originally from Monaco. “We need to let go of the details and get back to the shape. The functions of this camera are so limited that it is like a journey in time in the history of photography. We are going back to the birth of digital photography.” To discover more stories from the French-speaking world, follow @instagramfr. Photo by @gameboycameraman
“Food is an important part of my culture. It’s always about bringing family and friends together,” says Emmanuel Carvajal Hernández (@emmanuelcarvajal), who made this photo during #WWIM14🍴 in Mexico’s Parque Tangamanga. “I met these Instagrammers that day, but I really felt as if I knew them from years ago! Food not only gives us the chance to talk and reunite, but also it’s a great opportunity to share the very best of us,” he adds. Photo by @emmanuelcarvajal
Girma Berta (@gboxcreative) takes to the streets of his hometown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to document the fruit stands and the shoe shiners, the young and the old, the delivery boys and the shopkeepers — and everything in between. “I look for people with a great story that I feel like need to be captured. I also look for their lively interaction with each other and their environment,” says the 26-year-old photographer and a recipient of this year’s Getty Images Instagram Grant. “I am trying to address the immortalizing of my city’s current state, and so much that has been lost in the past without being properly documented.” Girma will be exhibiting his work at this year’s Photoville (@photovillenyc) festival in Brooklyn, taking place September 21-25. Photo by @gboxcreative
In Singapore, @desmondoteo lined up a few friends to make his chopsticks appear larger than life. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #WWIM14🍴 this week. Photo by @desmondoteo