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Our #BoomerangOfTheWeek = a quick break from swimming and playing at Nipah Beach in Lombok, Indonesia. Ijang Syamsuri (@ijangsyamsuri) set up his camera to take this brave and sandy selfieboom. 🌴 😎 Follow @boomerangfrominstagram to see more mind-blowing loops from our community. #Boomerang by @ijangsyamsuri
Parque das Nações Indígenas, in Campo Grande, Brazil, was taken over by a sea of red waves (and curls) this week. When Murilo Lorentz (@loucolorentz) learned about the local redhead gathering, he knew he wanted to capture the special occasion. “I just wanted to convey all this beauty in various shades.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @loucolorentz
What better way to celebrate #NationalDogDay than to focus on furry friends that need a family? Emma Scott and her longtime friend Sally Roney have rescued and found homes for more than 200 dogs through their nonprofit, the Northwest Dog Project (@nwdogproject), a doggie oasis located outside Eugene, Oregon, that is celebrating its two-year anniversary this month. “We still have the dogs that we got when we were 18; Kyle is my old guy’s name and Gracie is Sally’s girl’s name,” says Emma. “They have taught us so much over the years and were truly our inspiration; we wanted to help give dogs that need a chance the same opportunity at life we were able to give Kyle and Gracie.” Some days can be tough, but Emma says they wouldn’t have it any other way: “It’s the kind of work that you really dump your heart and soul into.” By expanding their reach on Instagram, the pair have placed many pups in forever homes and received support and donations from all over the world.“Sometimes we’ll even get donations from places like New Zealand and other far-away countries,” Emma says. “If it wasn’t for Instagram, we would have no way of connecting with these people.” To learn more about @nwdogproject and the amazing dogs they rescue, check out our Instagram story. Photo by Jamie Opra for @nwdogproject
“Watching the pageantry and super-stylized outfits and hairstyles, one might sometimes lose sight of the statements being made at Afropunk (@afropunk). Identity and defining one’s own beauty is a huge and important part of what is being celebrated at the festival. Feathers, placards, pins, African cloth, elaborate earrings, septum [piercings] and even colorful socks are here at some point, echoing a belief in the many spectrums of beauty.” —photographer and activist Ruddy Roye (@ruddyroye), who was on the ground at the Afropunk Fest in Brooklyn last year. Watch our Instagram story this weekend to check out all of the eclectic, diverse and inspiring moments from this year’s festival. Photo by @ruddyroye
To celebrate the Centennial of the US National Park Service, photographer Chris Burkhard (@chrisburkard) is exploring Montana’s Glacier National Park (@glaciernps) and taking us along on his breathtaking adventure. Watch our Instagram story to follow Chris as he takes in the tall peaks, clear waters and hidden treasures that make Glacier National Park magical. 🌲✨ #FindYourPark Photo by @chrisburkard
When most people think of US national parks, they think about pristine wilderness. But for ranger Keith Gortowski of Denali National Park and Preserve (@denalinps) in Alaska, it’s about the people in service of these enchanted places — so he’s been collecting their stories in #HumansofDenali. “The park itself is a challenge,” says fellow ranger Nick Virgil (@nick.virgil). “We talk a lot about what a good life we live out here, but what makes it a good life are the trials and tribulations that come with it. That’s what Denali offers. Not just for the rangers or the visitors, but for the wildlife and even the landscape itself.” For Nick, these challenges come with great rewards. “It’s an adventure into the unexpected. That’s the kind of feeling that gets you going, that you feel deep down inside yourself. Where else can you get that?” August 25 marks the 100th anniversary of the US National Park Service. Celebrate and #FindYourPark. 🌲 Photo of park ranger @nick.virgil by @cabendroth7
Matilde Gattoni (@matildegattoni) has her #EyesOn the world’s displaced communities. Working across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, the Italian photographer’s stories are driven by realizations she makes on the ground. “I was very surprised to learn that there are 13 countries along the coast of West Africa that are seriously being affected by the consequences of climate change,” she says. “One day we were in a very small village in Ghana, and there was a very severe high tide. And in just one night, that village lost 5 meters [16 feet] of land.” Matilde intentionally covers a broad range of countries and scenarios to highlight the interconnectedness of environmental issues. “Climate change in [another] part of the world is caused by the fact that the icebergs are melting north of Europe,” she explains. Some observers have commented that she seems especially focused on women, but Matilde sees it differently: “It’s often women that fight for their lives, the survival of their families. ‘What if this was me? What if this was my life?’ This is what I really hope that readers see in my pictures.” Photo by @matildegattoni
For @samsonthedood, a goldendoodle from Brooklyn, New York, reading is best paired with a cup of tea (and always followed by a nap). #WHPbookworm Photo by @samsonthedood
“Books have always fascinated me, because one can be dragged into another world where everything is possible,” says Norwegian music teacher Ingvild Aksnes Rebnord (@oyeblikk) of this submission to #WHPbookworm. Follow along as we feature some more of our favorite submissions to the project. Photo by @oyeblikk
“I always wanted to be a director,” says Mohamed Abdallah (@mrtam13), a 25-year-old filmmaker from Tunisia, whose powerful work won the Fan Favorite Award at the first #TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival (@tiff_net). Fittingly titled “Hope,” the movie follows Emer Guesmi, a 16-year-old B-boy who lost his legs in an accident when he was young. “Emer is a real dreamer,” adds Mohamed. “He is legless but still happy and full of hope for the future.” Video by @mrtam13
Stacks on stacks — @irinahp is right at home on this spiral staircase with a book in hand. Follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions from #WHPbookworm. #Boomerang of @irinahp by @me_and_mango
More than six months ago, Erin Azouz (@erinazouz) and Mehedi van Hattum (@mehedi.505) left the conveniences of their life in New Mexico to embark on a yearlong journey. They’re bicycling from Mexico to the southern tip of Argentina with as little environmental impact as possible, camping along the way. “Both of us had a strong desire to travel and to do it in Latin America. It sounded like an amazing idea to travel by bicycle to literally the end of the earth,” Erin says. The couple documents their travels in an online journal known as “Let’s Go Cariño” (or, “Let’s Go Sweetie”). “You look back at the map and you’re like, wow, we peddled through Mexico,” says Mehedi. Despite the challenges, the open road and occasional monarch butterflies that gently rest on their bicycles bring moments of reflection. “It felt very much like getting to some kind of core essence of what life is about,” says Erin. “It’s the simplicity of being outside and being vulnerable.” Photo by @erinazouz
Every week, we’re showcasing some of the most creative community hashtags on Instagram. Today we’re highlighting #YogaEveryDamnDay. “When I started practicing yoga at home, I was worried that I would eventually get lazy and lose interest like I’d done with other forms of physical exercise. Using the hashtag #YogaEveryDamnDay reminded me it’s not just ‘yoga whenever you feel like it,’ it’s gotta be ‘yoga every damn day!’” says yoga teacher and writer Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn). “My biggest piece of advice to anyone who wants to #YogaEveryDamnDay is to see the whole world as your yoga mat. Don’t stress out about getting the perfect photo — this shot was taken while I was laughing, talking and balancing all at the same time. It’s about being in the moment and letting it flow.” Photo of @mynameisjessamyn by @photoyography
Ten hours by Jeep, followed by an eight-hour horse ride, landed Kim Dong Yeon (@dongyeon0911) in Mongolia’s Tsaatan tribal village, where the reindeer are anything but shy. “When we were chilling in our teepee, one of the reindeer ran toward us and stuck its head in our teepee,” says the teacher from Busan, South Korea. “I’d seen them only in some national parks and zoos. I’m pretty sure that this is a place you must visit.” Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @dongyeon0911
Stripes look good on you, Copenhagen. We love these layers of urban life captured by Irene Vinichenko (@iren_vini). Follow along as we feature more of our favorite moments from #TheWeekOnInstagram. Photo by @iren_vini